"This team is simply the best"

“This team is simply the best. They know the process, they each excel in their position, and they make it look easy. This was the biggest financial transaction of my life, which makes for anxiety and worry. ​ But it was easy to trust these women because they communicate well, they have a solid project management practice, they work seamlessly, and they know this market. They made the process as easy as it could be, and I am thrilled with the result!”

- Gaylon P. | Seller | Bronze Coast -

"...we were kept informed and every effort was made by Kate's team"

This was an amazing experience! Kate was recommended to my sister and I to sell our mother's house. There were several challenges brought on by the pandemic but we were kept informed and every effort was made by Kate's team to keep the process moving. Kate earned our trust from the beginning and we followed every suggestion that was offered and it could not have worked out better. We truly knew that she had our best interests at heart. Also many thanks to her staff and big shout out to Amy who managed the improvements that we had agreed on. I would find it difficult to believe that one could have a better experience when selling a house. Truly professional!

- Sherrill C. | Seller | Gold Coast -

"They were incredibly easy to work with and always professional and warm."

"We first worked with Kate in 2018 when we considered moving out of CA and went through the process of an off-market sale. The team was great. They explained the process thoroughly, along with the difference between on-market and off-market. When the off-market didn't pan out (due to a market downturn and other things outside of anyone's control), we planned on putting the house on the market in the spring, but then decided to stay in CA. After having our third baby and my mother moving in, we formally decided our small house was too small for everyone and found a larger house to rent. We called Kate again and her team quickly picked up where we had left off the year before. They were incredibly easy to work with and always professional and warm. It was easy to go through the preparation process. Within a week of the house being on the market we had multiple offers for more than our dream price. We certainly wouldn't have been able to do that without Kate and her team's expertise and guidance. We appreciate everything they did for us and highly recommend Kate and her team."

- Maria P. | Seller | Harbor Bay -

"They made what is typically a stressful time much more manageable"

"We were very pleased with Kate and her team with the sale of our home in 2019. They are incredibly hard working, efficient, and organized. After 18 years of being occupied by a busy family, our home looked tired, and needed some updating. Contractor Amy was able to coordinate the remodel of two bathrooms and a kitchen, full interior painting, and floor refinishing in a two-month window, all in time to have the house ready for market in the busy spring season. Kate was well-versed on real estate trends and tactics and worked hard to market our listing, and secured a solid offer for us. She was a great communicator; responsive, and sensitive to our wishes. The whole team was very professional and a pleasure to work with. They made what is typically a stressful time much more manageable. ​ We would recommend them if you are looking to sell a home in Alameda!"

- Clare W. | Seller | Gold Coast -

Kate and her team provided a seamless experience from beginning to the sale of our house. We are thoroughly happy with their process and the amazing results! Thanks to them all !

- Jan N. | Seller | East End -

“Kate and her team helped us through the selling process every step of the way. They were incredibly helpful and flexible during our sale and made the experience as easy as it could have possibly been.”

- Toni S. | Seller | East End -

“The team is very organized and clear with communication. ​ You can hire a real estate agent that will go through the motions. ​ I believe by hiring Kate and the team you're getting the entire package and full experience.”

- Jennifer L. | Seller | Harbor Bay

"We truly felt taken care of every step of the way."

"We just had the best real estate experience possible because we worked with Kate McCaffrey and her team at Compass. ​ We truly felt taken care of every step of the way. They are excellent communicators, genuine, caring and professional. ​ We also used their concierge program so we could do some renovations on our home before selling it. They made sure we had wonderful contractors and they helped us with the timeline, ​ managing everything perfectly. We highly recommend Kate and her team! You will not be disappointed!"

- Michelle T. | Seller | West End -

"Kate’s team was very supportive"

We highly recommend the Kate McCaffrey Group who we recently used to sell our condo in Alameda. It was a rental property and when our tenant of 20 years moved out, we decided the time was right to sell. Julia was our listing agent and she explained all of our options, with the pros and cons of offering the property AS IS OFF MARKET vs MLS as well as fully preparing the property to sell in the Spring. We chose to try an Off Market listing for a few weeks, then decided to use the winter months to update the condo from the original 1972 condition and go to market in the Spring.

Kate’s team provided us with a vision for each room, including recommendations for kitchen cabinet doors, carpeting, vinyl plank flooring, lighting and plumbing fixtures, appliances, and paint color. We received a spreadsheet with all the vendor and contractor bids, inspection costs, City of Alameda permit requirements as well as costs and sources for all suggested upgrades.

Since we had time, we chose to do as much of the work as we could ourselves. Kate’s team was very supportive of this decision as our common goal was to get the property in prime condition to generate the most interest and the highest offer possible. Throughout the process, we were skeptical of the necessity of some suggestions due to the expense. Specifically, removing the popcorn ceiling and staging. Julia was very thorough in explaining what buyers are looking for in this market and the impact both the popcorn removal and staging the unit would have on potential buyers, which in turn would result in higher offers. Ultimately, we took her advice and we are so glad we did! In the end, the unit looked amazing!

We also took advantage of the concierge option so we were not out of pocket for the staging expense.

The property was listed for two weeks, with a set date and time for offers to be submitted. There were multiple offers and within a few hours of the deadline, we received a spreadsheet with the details of each offer. Kate does the negotiating and she and Julia explained the process to get us to the final offer. A few hours later we had a final offer well above the listing price, and one that far exceeded our expectation!

In addition to Kate and Julia, we also appreciated the great communication with all the team members. Miguel, our project coordinator, McKenzie, the listing manager, Kristi, the Director of Operations, and Sophia, the Transaction Coordinator each helped us navigate this process to a very successful outcome!

- Chris P. | Seller | South Shore -

"...ensure the highest level of customer service and integrity."

"Kate and her team truly set the standard for what flawless and precise execution looks like. They have mapped this down to a science, and each team member is exceptional at their role. The communication was impeccable, alerting us to potential issues to avoid, reminding us of critical deadlines, and tackling last minute problems that pop up along the way. They have even sent us our mail on one or two occasions... doing whatever it takes to not only maximize value for the seller, but also ensure the highest level of customer service and integrity.

This is the first house that we've sold, and moved out of state months before the transaction completed. The team met with us months in advance of our move out date, walked through with their experts and provided design and staging advice on what was the best return on investment to prepare the home for a sale. They gave us a detailed and highly organized list of recommendations and worked with us to preserve details we thought were important to the home. Once agreed upon what work was to be done, their project manager kicked into gear and created schedules, arranged vendor quotes and oversaw the execution of the individual contractors. They have an extensive network of high quality craftsman who are equally cost effective. All I had to do was occasionally answer a few questions as issues popped up and the rest was fully managed... completely indispensable given we moved out of state!

In the end, all the effort and advice they provided was spot on. Their deep market knowledge helped us identify the right timing, strategy, and preparation work.... as we sold our home for well above asking and exceeding our very high expectations. This is one of the best companies I have ever interacted with and experienced... the combination of professionalism, performance and service is astounding. They are a truly remarkable team!"

- Brent B. | Seller | Gold Coast -

"The team at Kate McCaffrey is easy to work with and very pleasant, they respond right away. ​ If you're interested in selling your home - go with go Kate McCaffrey!" ​

-Molly H. | Seller | East End -

"They helped us plan strategic repairs and upgrades to the home to improve desirability and value. We are so grateful for their expertise and incredible ability to help us coordinate the work. Wow! We are so happy with the results."

- Carol, Alice, and Paul | Seller | East End -

"The professionalism and integrity with the endless hard work that your agency displayed. ​ The communication was impeccable as well."

- ​ Christine W. | Seller | Central -

"She has a support team that works with her to things get done on time and efficiently."

"There are many Real Estate agents in Alameda, but there is only one Kate McCaffrey. I have bought and sold houses since 1995. I have dealt with many real estate agents. Kate is the best I have worked with. She has a support team that works with her to things get done on time and efficiently. She helped with providing contractors who worked to make my house look its best so that I could get the best selling price. The marketing was great. She has a marketing team that advertised my home throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. This brings in a lot of buyers. Kate herself is a beautiful person. She knows Real Estate, the marketing strategy, evaluating the competition, negotiating strategy and pricing. She is smart, genuine and pleasant to work with. I enjoyed working with her and her team. I highly recommend her."

- Monica G. | Seller | Bayport -

"Savvy, smart, genuine, & knowledgeable about the diverse aspects of Real Estate"

​ "My husband and I have been through almost 20 ​ home sales & 20 home purchases in our 50 years together and we both can honestly say that Kate is the best Realtor we have ever encountered.... Savvy, smart, genuine, & knowledgeable about the diverse aspects of Real Estate.... pricing, marketing strategy, negotiation strategy, evaluating competition etc. ​ She is really the best PLUS she has a great team of assistants who mirror her fine qualities. ​ One additional benefit we valued was her ability to have her team handle all aspects of prepping and renovating for sale. Hands down, we recommend that everyone contemplating selling their home include Kate in their Realtor interviews."

- Nan R. | Seller | Harbor Bay -

" Kate McCaffrey out shines them all. She is surely over the top in providing a professional service"

"We have purchased and sold many income properties and single family homes throughout the USA over a period of more than 3 decades. Therefore we have dealt with many real estate agents and/or brokers during the normal course of business. Kate McCaffrey out shines them all. She is surely over the top in providing a professional service in every aspect of a transaction. Our lawyer of over 25 years, who interacted with Kate, is in complete agreement with us regarding her being responsible for our concluding the sale in an efficient, timely manner and at a price beyond our expectations."

- Paul L. | Seller | Fernside -

"Truly a professional, and I recommend her wholeheartedly..."

"I can't say enough about Kate! ​ She partnered with us on the sale of one home and the purchase of another. ​ We completed the whole process in under 4 months. ​ Kate was with us every step of the way, from preparing our home for sale, and getting the best price, to finding and negotiating for our new home. ​ She went above and beyond, lining up the best consultants to help us understand what we were getting into with our wonderful fixer-upper. ​ We're thrilled with where we landed, and we thank Kate every day. ​ She's the best! ​ Truly a professional, and I recommend her wholeheartedly.... something i don't do lightly."

- Betsey S. | Seller | West End & Fernside -

"provided the kind of sales strategies that come from years of experience..."

"Kate is a terrific partner who helped us navigate the biggest business transaction we've ever completed. ​ She guided us through prepping and staging our house and provided the kind of sales strategies that come from years of experience and success."

- Jim I. | Seller | East End -

"...you will be thrilled with the results"

"I handed over the keys to my home and left for another state and never had to worry about what needed to be done and when. The house looked so lovely when they were done I wished I could keep it. I was kept fully informed throughout the process and was amazed when the house sold after two weeks on the market. If you are serious about selling go with Kate and you will be thrilled with the results".

- Beatriz C. | Seller | West End -

"As soon as we decided to work with Kate, her team started their magic right away"

"Kate is an amazing real estate agent. She makes the selling process look so easy. She is very organized, professional, ethical and genuine. With Kate there are no unknowns or surprises. She made us feel very comfortable at every stage of this process. Kate has an amazing team. As soon as we decided to work with Kate, her team started their magic right away. Our beautiful house looked even more stunning when the house was ready to go on the market. Kate's team conducted two open houses and we accepted a great offer above our expectations. Kate is a real estate scientist. She has really developed empirical techniques to sell your house. ​ It works!!! I was dreading this process but everything was taken take care of so smoothly. I am so impressed with her and her team. ​ If you want to work with the best choose Kate!"

- Selda H. | Seller | Harbor Bay -

"She's a veteran negotiator"

​ "She's a veteran negotiator. It's fair to say that my wife and I sat (on the east coast) with our mouths open as she laid out the offers and our potential choices of response. She advised with a strong opinion but without mandate, and she did the hard work of putting the final bidders to the ultimate test. In the end, we had a very positive outcome--sale of our house for 38% over asking. Again, it was largely a function of the crazy seller's market. But I truly believe we maximized every penny possible with Kate's help."

- Ed S. | Seller | West End -

"They made the whole process seamless..."

"Working with Kate & team in selling our home in Alameda was an absolute pleasure. We decided to go with them based on their outstanding reputation, and they actually exceeded all expectations. They made the whole process seamless, and we couldn't be happier with their incredible work and the end result. If you're selling your home, this is the team to go with!"

- Melinda M. | Seller | Harbor Bay -

"She's a veteran negotiator"

"We loved working with team McCaffery to sell our home! They sold our house fast and for a price above what we expected. The entire process from first contact to closing escrow was only two months. They moved fast to bring in all contractors, stagers, inspectors, etc. The team is efficient and highly communicative. We were out of state during the whole process, and they took care of everything. Escrow went smoothly and they represented us very professionally in the transaction. We highly recommend selling your house with Kate McCaffery!"

- Charles D. | Seller | Harbor Bay -